Echo- blue gray shecat with blue eyes.

Prologue- Introduction

On a planet unreachable to Two-legs, a lone cat ruled. The planet was a mass of land, without oceans, with only ponds, streams, and a single waterfall as water.

The cat was Echo. She needed no prey to survive. Just some water. She needed no other cat to be entertained. Just herself and some random thing like a tree. Or a stream, or even just a leaf.

She called the lone planet Lone Echoes. It made sense, since it was a lone planet and she, Echo, ruled.

Her life would never change. The atmosphere was too thin for Two-legs. Only a cat could survive. But even other cats could not live there. How would they get there?

Lone Echoes was not a big planet. It was only 500,000 square tail lengths over the whole patch of ground.

It was not dangerous. The ground was mostly dirt. It was soft so Echo could dig in it. A single cloud, lone like the planet, watered it. There was forests, marshes with softer ground and more grass than the rest of the planet, thick and steamy jungles, and rocky areas for climbing.

Echo was content. The planet had everything she needed.

Chapter One

Echo padded along, following the Falls River. The freshest water on Lone Echoes was found at its source, the Moon Falls waterfall. As she came closer, the rumbling of the water grew louder and louder until it was almost deafening.

Soon the late-night blue landmark came into view, its every drop stumbling over the others in a race to get to the bottom first.

Echo found a strange comfort in seeing the waterfall. The majestic blue color, its roaring cry, even just the sparkling reflection of the stars at night, it was all a glorious thing.

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